1. The "Michel Becquet International Trombone Competition" is aimed at trombonists of all nationalities.

2. The competition is open to people born after 1990.

3. Registration for the competition includes a "video elimination tour", the video must be sent before NOVEMBER 30, 2022 to 


A) Recording: Aria et Polonaise by Joseph Jongen / ANDEL edition

B) It must be filmed in 1 take without any cuts

C) Video can be recorded with or without accompaniments

D) It is absolutely necessary to put a stopwatch (GSM, Tablet, Watch, Chrono, ...), the stopwatch must be visible in the video field, it must be started just before and stopped after recording, to show that the video has been recorded without any cuts or editing.

E) The jury which will select and validate the video registration of the candidates for the competition will be composed of Michel BECQUET and members of the Make It Slide Quartet.


4. All events will be open to the public free of charge.

5. The jury will be composed of internationally renowned trombonists.


6. The decisions of the jury are final.

7. Travel and subsistence expenses are the responsibility of the candidate.

8. The MBITC reserves the rights of radio, TV and Internet transmission of the competition papers without remuneration to the candidates.

9. Applicants must register before NOVEMBER 30, 2022 : SUBSCRIBE HERE!

Each candidate will attach to the registration form:

A) Video
B) Copy of an identification document
C) A Photo
D) A brief Curriculum Vitae

The registration fee will be 60 Euros to be paid into the competition account.

IBAN BE53 0636 5637 1753 / BIC: GKCCBEBB in the name of Bernadette FONZE

The deadline for registration is NOVEMBER 30, 2022, the postmark being taken as proof.

10. PRICE:

First prize: € 8,000.00

Second prize: € 4.000,00

Third prize: € 2,000.00

The prices will not be divisible

11.The competition jury alone is competent to settle any disputes. Its decisions are final and should not be justified. In the event of a tie, the vote of the president of the jury is decisive.

12. Conditions for support: candidates may have one of the competition guides (free of charge) or may come with their personal guide.

13. The Michel Becquet International Trombone Competition reserves the right to modify the rules in the interest of the competition.

14. Registration for the competition implies full and unconditional acceptance of these rules. With the presentation of the application for registration, the competitors give their consent, according to law D.L. 30.06.2003, n.196 to the use of personal data for the performance of the competition and its relative artistic promotion.

15. The Artistic Director (Robin Rinchard) will assist the jury but without any voting rights.

16. Jury members will not be able to vote for candidates who are currently their direct students enrolled in their courses.

17. During all the events of the Competition, the competitors must be reachable, and are requested to inform the secretariat of any change in good time, due to lack of participation in the events.